Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy 10 Months Old!!!

Happy 10 months Brooke!

Is it true? Brooke will be one year in two months.  Ben and I just can't believe how fast she is growing up.  We look at her all the time and just think how much she is changing into a little toddler with so much personality.  She lights up our hearts so much.  

10 month stats:

-       21 pounds
-    Sleeps 11 or more hours
-       Definitely fills out her 12 month clothes … I’m only buying 18 months from now on
-       Played in the snow for the first time and had a blast
-       Still loves her books…her collection is growing
-       Loves to eat ‘real’ food.  Her favorites are bananas, avocados, eggs, chicken, baked potato all cut up.
-       Recently she tried pasta, toast, green beans, grapes…all finger foods.
-       She has 5 teeth coming in – which will be total of NINE!!!!!!!!!
-       Started swim lessons at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center.  She loves her swim class.  She can put her head under too!
-       Met her first friend…Harper.  Ben and I went to school with Harper’s mom.  They are so cute together. … two peas in pod! J
-       She went to her first VT Men’s basketball game and Hokie Celebration…. She had a blast and even got to meet the Hokie Bird!
-       Points to everything!
-       Can tell us where “nose” is. She can point to our nose, stuffed animals, Bailey’s nose, in books… etc. It’s really awesome to see her little brain working! :)
-       She is learning foot and tummy now
-       She gives hugs! So sweet
-       She waves hi and bye bye really well!

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