Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birth Story

I decided to finally write Brooke's birth story.  We had my 39 week doctor's appointment on Friday, March 30th.  I was 30% effaced and my doctor told us that he would be very surprised if he saw me back next week for my 40 week appointment.  Well I think Ben had a mini panic attack because he knew that Brooke would be here very soon!  I was ecstatic about this news and wanted her to come asap because I did not want to go past my due date (April 8th). 

So we went into "Operation Get Brooke Out"......

We decided to head to the lake to take our boat out.  I figured all the bouncing up and down on the wake would help.  Then we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.  On Saturday, we went on a 3 mile walk, 2 mile walk on Sunday on the Roanoke Greenway, and the same on Monday evening.  On Monday morning my mucus plug came out (probably TMI for you). I definitely got my hopes up for her to come once that happened.  Tuesday morning we woke up super early and went walking in our neighborhood before work.  We were determined.  I think we pulled out all the tricks and myths to get labor started!! ;)
The biggest thing that helped me go into labor was I got a prenatal massage on Monday (the day before my water broke).  I told her to do everything possible to make me go into labor so she worked on my pressure points and I'm 100% positive that worked! 

Finally on Tuesday I was getting very upset and frustrated that she was never going to come out and that I would be pregnant forever.  I probably had two mini break downs that in the Target parking lot and one in the SunTrust parking lot.  So anyways, on Tuesday 4/3 I went to work, lunch with a co-worker at Olive Garden then had to run some quick errands.  Ben called me on his way home from work and we were trying to decide our plans for that evening...dinner, more walking...etc...  Well all of a sudden my water broke!!  Ben started to freak out because he was driving home.  I immediately called the nurse and she said to go to the hospital.  Ben was running around the house trying to get everything packed up (even though we had already put the suitcase next to the door last week).  I was just in shock that my water broke ... only about 10% or so of women's water break and I think I had convinced myself that I was going to be at least a week late. We ended up leaving our house around 5pm.  I always told Ben to make sure we stop somewhere on the way to the hospital to get me some food since I wouldn't be able to eat until after she was born.  Well we ended up stopping at Wendy's.  Ben ran in told everyone that his wife's water just broke.  He said the line parted like the Red Sea.  He comes out with two double quarter pounder cheeseburgers (with no bag). I had probably one bite but I was too excited to eat.

We got to the hospital and they took me directly to the labor/delivery floor.  The nurse checked me out and made the comment that my water definitely broke....pretty sure I told her that!!  We had to wait probably 15 minutes for a private room.  The doctor told me that if contractions didn't start by 8pm then they'll start me on pitocin.  Everything was going smoothly and I was feeling good.  Then they started the pitocin at 9pm I started having a lot of contractions and by 9:30pm I was in a lot of pain.  Finally the doctor came back in around 10:30pm and told me that they do not give out metals or prizes for women waiting longer to get an epidural.  At that point I knew I was ready for one.  The anesthesiologist came in my room at 11pm to give me the epidural.  This was very scary. My entire body was shaking and it took him three attempts to work.  WOW, I loved the epidural....I took about an hour or so nap.  Then around 1am I needed oxygen to help with my breathing.  The doctor checked me at 2am and I was already at 6 cm dilated.  Then at 2:30am I told the nurse to check me again and she said that there is no way I could be anymore than 6 or 7cm since it had only been 30 minutes.  Well she checked me and said "Are you ready to have a baby because you are 10 cm!!!" All of a sudden about 5 nurses came into the room and things got hectic...  I pushed for about 20 minutes then out came our beautiful baby girl, Brooke Hope Price.

my favorite! :)

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