Saturday, April 16, 2016


So we decided to move (again) and build (again)! Can't believe Ben convinced me but we are so excited.  We sold our house back in January and moved out in April to a rental across town while we build.  It's always a busy and exciting time!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Happy 2 Months Brodie!

Happy 2 Months Brodie!

Brooke, Mommy, and Daddy love you so much! You are such a joy to our family! You seriously are the chillest and best baby ever.  You go with the flow so much!  I guess you have to with your sissy! :)

This past month has been a bit busy! We moved from our house on Willard.  You lived there for 2 months.  We are renting right now and building across town.  Very exciting!


- 13lbs. 12 oz.
- 24 1/4 inches tall
- Loves some milk and breastfeeding. You are one happy baby as long as I feed you.
- Getting used to having a bottle.  We give you one most nights to top you off
- Great sleeper - sleeps from around 8:00/8:30 to 7ish  around 10-11 hours
- Not too big on napping during the day.  Just little cat naps while we are in the car running errands, picking up and dropping off Brooke etc.. but I'll take it! :)
- Starting to "coo" and talk.  It is so sweet.
- You love your big sister and when she talks to you.
- LOVES bath time and your tummy time mat.
- Starting to smile ALOT and engage when we talk to you!
- Not the biggest fan of your car seat ... after awhile in the car you get fussy like "get me outta here!!"

We sure do love you Brodie Man! :)

Brooke and Brodie St. Patrick's Day 2016

seriously one of my favorites! 

happy smiles!