Monday, March 4, 2013

11 Months!

Brooke is already 11 months old!  We just can't believe it.  She is turning into a little toddler more and more every day.  She was sick most of was pretty rough but we are so thankful we are all feeling better now.  She'll be ONE in less than a month!  Don't worry, the party planning is well under way!! :)

11 Month Stats: 

-          21.8 pounds
-          Size 12 to 18 month clothes – just started to wear a few 18 month sizes
-          Size 4 diapers
-          Still sleeps 11 hours and takes a morning then afternoon nap (both around 1 ½ hours each)
-          Starting to get more brave with standing and balancing all by herself.  We’ve counted a total of “16 Mississippi’s”.
-          Loves all her books and play area
-          Loves to close doors
- Loves to dancing to any music! :)
-          Can walk behind her puppy dog pushing him all by herself
-          She was basically sick all of February :(  Double ear infection, Pink Eye, Sinuses, stomach bug,….etc.  Ben also got the flu pretty bad … fever of 102/103 for 3 days.  It was rough.
-          We went on a mini family vacation for Ben’s birthday and Valentine’s Day.  We went to our favorite cabins in the Smokey Mountains.  It was Brooke’s first trip to Tennessee.  She had a blast! :)
- Went to 3 or 4 swim lessons at the Rec Center.  We missed a few since she was sick and we were out of town.

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