Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 9 months!

Happy 9 months to our sweet baby girl Brooke!  We can't believe she'll be ONE in three months.  That is just crazy.  Brooke had a fabulous December!  She loved Christmas and all her new toys.  She got to meet Santa!! It was great for her to see all her grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, nephews, and nieces!  She got sick the day after Christmas for a week.  That wasn't any fun....major stomach virus plus her top 2 teeth coming in!

9 Month Stats
- She weighed 19 lb, 6 oz when she went to the doctor last week when she was sick.  She goes Monday for her 9 month check up

- Officially in 12 month clothes

- Wears size 3 diapers but I'll be ordering size 4 next time.  She already wears size 4 for her nighttime diapers.

- Sleeping 11 1/2 hours consistently and takes a morning nap and good afternoon nap

- We've discovered she hates certain noises.  For example, when people cough or sneeze real loud, the sound of a donkey (she has a Farm Animal book), Ben's drill, this Virginia Tech choo choo  sound....

- Loves her puffs!

- Very determined

- Pulls up on everything

- Cries, well more like wines when daddy puts her down or isn’t giving her attention…it’s so cute.

- Loves to crawl, everywhere!!  Baby gate is official up and we use it all the time.

- If I blow bubbles out of my hand then she starts crying.
- Loves to try to crawl into the laundry room and play with the dog’s water bowl …same for our bathroom.

- Loves to see herself in the mirror

- Says "dadadadadd" all day long

- Such a talker

- Loves to play in the pantry

- Likes to swing outside when it’s nice outside

 - Eats sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries, bananas, bread, puffs, green beans or any green veggies...I'm starting to try a lot of new stuff now that she's feeling better.  Last night I gave her some chicken cut up

- Starting to drink water out of her sippy cup

- Loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the Hot Dog, Hot Dog song

- She knows when we put her in the highchair that she is getting ‘real’ food

- Got a big girl car seat and loves to be able to see outside

- Did I mention she is pulling up on EVERYTHING

- She is into everything…baby gate and outlet protectors went up this month

- Fascinated with our Christmas Tree

- Can wave "bye-bye" and "hi" really well now

- We took her to the pool for the first time.  She LOVED it!! :)

- Loves all her toys…especially her dino with the balls, puppy dog, and dino the dinosaur

- Likes to stay with mommy and daddy when new people/faces are around.

- LOVES BOOKS!!! All of them!  She is really good about turning each page.

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