Tuesday, November 1, 2011

update...take 2

I hope everyone enjoyed my last post on an update... I tried updating my blog from my phone app..but as you can see it didn't work out. 

Update on the past year...take 2:

went to the UT vs Bama game in October 2010...we had such a great trip!

celebrated Halloween with our best friends

went to the Children's Miracle Network Gala....and won a trip to LA and to see the Lakers play (more to come on this).

My Dad turned 60 and we threw him a surprise party

Many Hiking trips

A lot of HOKIE football

Carrie Underwood Concert.... :)

Went to LA with Craig and Leslie
Went to Key West for our 3rd Anniversary (more to come on this)

Rented a lake house for the summer at Smith Mountain Lake...(definitely more to come on this)...

wow... that just wore me out...

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